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Dealing with Mould and Dry Rot in Balham

If your Balham home shows signs of mould, this is likely due to an issue with dry rot. At Pro Treatments Ltd, we specialise in carrying out damp proofing and woodworm

treatments to improve the structural integrity of your home and to prevent further issues from rising damp, fungi and woodworm pests. If you notice a build-up of

moisture at your property, this is a breeding ground for harmful mould which needs to be safely and efficiently removed.

How to Remove Mould

How to Prevent Mould from Returning

In a similar way to woodworm and woodworm treatments, the presence of mould in your Balham home needs to be dealt with immediately due to the serious health hazards involved.

  • Mould can cause residents to have an allergic reaction
  • Allergens can increase the likelihood of respiratory infection
  • Young children and the elderly who suffer from asthma or eczema are at risk

To limit the effects of rising damp and dry rot, our damp proofing and woodworm treatment experts recommend that Balham clients follow the necessary steps to for combatting mould.


  1. Thoroughly clean the area containing the mould, by wiping the surface using soap and water.
  2. Once you have washed away the mould, ensure the surfaces are dried to limit dry rot forming and dispose of dirty cloths safely in plastic bags, preventing the contamination from spreading.
  3. This applies to clothes, materials or any kind of soft furnishings, which should be removed, cleaned and may need to be replaced, depending on the extent of the infection.

4. Alternatively, Balham clients can use mould removal sprays if they are concerned that the soap or detergent is too mild to eradicate the mould. If so, we advise that you follow the instructions with care and keep any doors or window closed when cleaning, otherwise airborne mould spores can spread too.

5. Once the mould has been successfully removed, use a high-powered vacuum cleaner for nearby carpets and flooring, which will remove any remaining mould spores.


Now that the risk of contamination has been neutralised, Balham clients can ventilate the area by opening their doors and windows. Parts of your home that are prone to rising damp or dry rot require regular ventilation to reduce the build-up of moisture in which mould thrives.


Follow these steps to clean every room in your home which show signs of mould. After surfaces have been washed and dried, Balham homeowners can paint their walls to cover any unsightly stains.

Mould and fungi grow typically in dank areas, such as basements with timber building components that have been affected by rising damp and dry rot. The best course of action for a complete eradication is for our specialist team to visit your Balham property and carry out damp proofing and woodworm treatments. These solutions will stop penetrating and rising damp from spawning further moulds, fungi and woodworm.


The damp proofing and woodworm treatment experts at Pro Treatments Ltd can assist with the moisture build-up that Balham clients are experiencing in their walls, flooring or rafters in the following ways:


  • Dry Rot Survey – Our team will assess and identify the source of the water ingress which causes timber or plaster surfaces to harbour mould, fungi and woodworm.
  • Tanking – We can install a cavity drain membrane (Type C) which is fitted between the walls and floors of your basement, designed to collect excess moisture and transfer it to a connecting sump pump for drainage.
  • Replacing Materials – Any structural components which have deteriorated from continued rising damp or been infected by mould, fungi and woodworm will be safely removed and replaced.

For more advice about removing mould and damp proofing treatments for dry rot at homes in Balham and the surrounding areas, call 01444 243 763 or 07805 797 884.

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