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Winter Protection Against Rising Damp in Burgess Hill

Following the warmer Summer climates, it pays to prepare your Burgess Hill home against the higher probability of rising damp during the winter. At Pro Treatments Ltd, we specialise in protecting your property with damp proofing and woodworm treatment for foundations with

porous materials, such as timber, brick and sandstone.


Our team is available to provide valuable advice to landlords, estate management agents, home and business owners about solutions for woodworm, dry rot and wet rot,

in addition to installing damp proofing, woodworm treatments and tanking basements for conversions. We’re here to help clients in Burgess Hill and the South East to keep their property safe and dry throughout the winter.

How to Prevent Damage from Damp

Keep Rooms Well Ventilated


It is important to keep warm at this time of the year, however, Burgess Hill clients need to ensure there is adequate ventilation at their property too. A build-up of moisture creates an appealing environment for woodworm insects to breed. Dry rot can also flourish with a little amount of moisture, producing fungi which decays timber building materials. We recommend incorporating certain habits into your routine, such as leaving a window open when cooking in the kitchen and showering in the bathroom, which will alleviate the excess moisture and condensation. Extractor fans and additional ventilation units will improve the dryness and comfortability of your home.


Heat Up Your Home


Burgess Hill clients should maintain a healthy circulation of heat at their property, by regularly turning on the central heating and making sure there are no obstacles blocking heaters or radiators. Schedule a boiler or central heating service and bleed radiators so that you don’t encounter any heating problems.

Install Damp Proofing Solutions


Damp roof courses involve inserting water-based silicon into wall cavities and below floorboards to stop rising damp. Alternatively, liquid-free, damp proofing rods release silicon into the walls to eliminate dry rot, rising damp and acts as a preventative woodworm treatment. Newer Burgess Hill properties can benefit from polyethylene or rubber damp proofing membranes (DPM), installed under the concrete floor base. With our company’s Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments (CSRT) credentials, we are trained to assess and undertake the ideal damp proofing and woodworm treatment solutions.


Insulate Your Burgess Hill Property


In addition to damp proofing your walls and flooring, Burgess Hill clients can take extra measures to insulate their entire home. Insulation for wall cavities and double glazing windows are ideal options to invest in for older properties. If you are planning on converting your basement into a living space, UK building regulations will require they are fully-insulated and habitable. This will help to reduce the likelihood of dry rot, wet rot and woodworm treatments being needed.

Maintain the Local Environment


Rising damp occurs from groundwater which is absorbed by the building materials of your Burgess Hill property. During the winter months, rainfall and snow will be retained by the garden and plant life surrounding your property, soaking into the foundations. Damp proofing will provide protection against rising damp, however, overhanging trees can affect the integrity of the walls and roof with excess rainwater. This can potentially cause dry rot and woodworm to infest walls, roofs and loft spaces.


Inspect the Basement and Roof


Roofs with damaged or missing roof tiles and slates, plus basements with cracks or holes in the walls, can lead to long-term damage from rising damp, wet rot and dry rot. We advise clients in Burgess Hill to check the security of their property in preparation for winter. If there are signs of rising damp, dry rot or woodworm insects, we will carry out damp proofing and woodworm treatments as soon as possible.

For professional advice and treatments to help prevent rising damp affecting your property in Burgess Hill, call 01444 243 763 or 07805 797 884.

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