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Effects of Rising Damp and Dry Rot in Haywards Heath

Water damage is not always immediately noticeable, unless clients in Haywards Heath routinely check their foundations for signs of rising damp or dry rot, especially after storms or heavy rainfall. Nevertheless, mould and bacteria can begin growing

within 24 hours of water ingress. As a result, dry rot, wet rot and woodworm can cause health issues, including respiratory illnesses which stem from bacteria, mould and pests, thriving in damp environments. We provide expert care for affected properties in

Haywards Heath, with effective methods of damp proofing and woodworm treatment, to prevent a host of health and safety hazards.



Bacteria grows from damp, organic materials, which includes the timber building components in your Haywards Heath home. Any floorboards, skirting boards, wall panelling, supporting beams and rafters can be affected if exposed to rising damp from the groundwater below the foundations. Depending on the amount of water ingress from leaks or rising damp, wooden materials are at risk of dry rot and wet rot. Replacing decaying structural parts and professional damp proofing will help to eliminate the source of the bacteria.




In addition to food waste, damp can attract a range of pests, such as mice, rats and cockroaches. Leaking taps or plumbing in kitchens, bathrooms and basements are prime areas that harbour pests at your Haywards Heath property. Members of your household or workforce in commercial buildings can be at risk of the health problems associated with mice or rat faeces, which can trigger asthmatic attacks. Early inspections and damp proofing basements will prevent pest infestations from requiring pest control services.



Rising damp and dry rot can trigger woodworm species to infect the timber foundations of your Haywards Heath property, requiring an effective woodworm treatment. Insects bore into the timber and weaken it, which can be dangerous for supporting structures, such as beams or rafters. Our team, who are trained with Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments (CSRT) qualifications, can identify the type of woodworm and the severity of the situation. Damp proofing and woodworm treatments will eliminate the problem, which includes removing and replacing infected materials, before installing damp proofing courses or damp proofing membranes.


Dust Mites


Dust mites can exacerbate allergies, such as blocked and irritated sinuses, sneezing and itchy eyes. Prolonged exposure can also lead to respiratory and asthmatic problems. Like woodworm, dust mites thrive in damp environments, which can be alleviated by air conditioning units, helping to circulate cooler, dehumidified air around your Haywards Heath property.

Moulds and Fungi


Residents and staff members at properties in Haywards Heath are at risk of getting sick if they are regularly exposed to a damp environment, which mould and fungi thrive in. Dry rot, wet rot and rising damp can produce mould and fungi, which can be easily detected by their visibility or odour.


Professionals who are trained in damp proofing and woodworm treatment such as our own, will safely remove mould and fungi with fast-acting fungicides. Any infected timber may also need to be replaced. Next, the source of the moisture needs to be controlled by drying out the area and properly ventilating it. Opening windows to let the air in, especially in bathrooms and kitchens which produce a lot of condensation, will help to prevent the build-up of moisture. However, installing a ventilation system is a cost-efficient and permanent solution, especially for Haywards Heath properties prone to damp.

For damp proofing and woodworm treatments to prevent health issues at your property in Haywards Heath and the surrounding South East areas, call 01444 243 763 or 07805 797 884.

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