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Properties Requiring Damp Proofing in Horsham

To maintain the condition of your Horsham property, we provide an unbeatable damp proofing service, carried out by a friendly and professional team. Depending on the environment and age of your home or

business venue, foundations are susceptible to decay from woodworm, dry rot and wet rot. We’ll inspect and assess the nature of the problem and complete the necessary damp proofing procedures, which

may involve tanking or a woodworm treatment. Whatever the cause may be, clients in Horsham and the nearby areas can rely on our 30 years of expert knowledge.

Common Causes of Damp

Permeable materials, such as timber, brick and sandstone, can allow a build-up of condensation and rising damp to affect the integrity of your Horsham property. However, there are damp proofing and woodworm treatments which can be carried out to prevent and alleviate the deterioration from reaching a critical point. Safety hazards can occur in extreme circumstances, such as the presence of long-term dry rot, wet rot or woodworm infestations. This level of damage can seriously weaken the structure, requiring costly repairs or renovations.


Luckily rising damp, wet rot, dry rot and species of woodworm can be identified early on and the common causes can be fixed.


Plumbing Issues


If you experience plumbing issues in your Horsham home, this can contribute to the increase of moisture. Leaking taps, water pipes and radiators can create damp patches which will get bigger and spread over time. If left unchecked, saturated walls and flooring can quickly harbour woodworm and sprout mould and fungal spores from wet or dry rot.


We will provide a Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments (CSRT) to determine if your Horsham property requires damp proofing or a woodworm treatment. We recommend clients to check for the following:

  • Central heating or water drainage pipes that drip
  • Baths and showers with cracks or broken seals
  • Older pipes which show signs of rust or corrosion
  • Drainage problems with plug holes and toilets


Leaking Gutters


Improperly pitched gutters can happen due to poor installations or weather damage, which stops the run-off water from being drained effectively. This can cause leaking gutters or pooling rainwater, which collects on the roof and can seep into the roofline and loft space, like rising damp from the ground. If there are holes or gaps in the guttering system, water can leak down the walls of your Horsham property and be absorbed by the porous building materials.


  • Leaks or overflowing water can be the result of a guttering system which isn’t designed to manage large rainfall capacities or it isn’t suitable for the Horsham property
  • Rising damp, wet and dry rot can occur in basements from an excess of leaking rainwater which runs down the walls to the ground
  • Woodworm treatments may be needed for roofs and loft spaces affected by the gutters

Blocked Guttering and Downpipes


Horsham clients will need to check their gutters and downpipes for any clogs, especially during winter and spring time. This should be carried out in a safe manner or by roofing professionals.


Downpipes which connect directly to drains may be prone to blockages during seasons of heavy rainfall. Drains can also overflow and soak into the walls at ground level, leading to rising damp, wet and dry rot attacking the foundations.


Blockages can happen due to the following:

  • Debris from overhanging trees
  • Holes and poorly pitched gutters
  • Downpipes fitted with acute bends


Leaking Roofs


In addition to gutter related problems, leaks can occur if the thatch of the roof at your Horsham property is worn. Pitched roofs with missing or broken tiles or slates can let in the rainwater.


  • Damp proofing solutions can be applied to the roof interior, flooring and wall cavities
  • Woodworm treatments will remedy any affected timber flooring, beams and rafters

For surveys, damp proofing and woodworm treatments at properties in Horsham and the surrounding South East areas, call 01444 243 763 or 07805 797 884.

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