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Rising Damp in Horsham, Brighton, Burgess Hill and the South East

At Pro Treatments Ltd, our team can assess and treat any property suffering from problems with rising damp in Horsham, Brighton, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas of Sussex, Surrey and Kent. We also help to maintain healthy foundations at homes and offices in Fulham and South West London. This will prevent long-term structural damage, such as dry rot, wet rot and woodworm infestations, with effective damp proofing methods.

What is Rising Damp?

When the water is absorbed into the foundations from the ground below, buildings are at risk of walls and floors deteriorating. The structure is not only weakened by the rising damp, the salts within the groundwater gradually erode the building materials away. As many properties in Horsham, Brighton, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and the Sussex, Surrey and Kent counties are built from a combination of porous construction materials, including brick, sandstone and timber, rising damp is a prevalent issue. This applies to homes and commercial buildings in Fulham and South West London, which are part of our major service areas.


Rising damp is a long-term issue which can be repaired and prevented with regular site

inspections from home and business owners, especially with a knowledge of the local environment and the land that the property is built on. The rate of damage caused by rising damp also depends on the construction materials and the age of the property in Horsham, Brighton, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Sussex, Surrey, Kent. Rising damp is also significant at older properties in Fulham and throughout South West London.


At Pro Treatments Ltd, we specialise in damp proofing solutions to help clients maintain the integrity of their property and protect it against the detrimental effects of rising damp.

Treatments for Rising Damp

Site Survey – Our fully-trained team will conduct a thorough inspection of the property to assess which type of damp proofing treatment is suited to the style of the building and the degree of rising damp. Clients can rely on our professional service, which is accredited by the Property Care Association (PCA), with Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments (CSRT) qualifications.


Damp Proof Courses – Water-based silicon is injected into the walls and underneath floorboards. These damp proofing layers prevent rising damp from being absorbed into foundations any further.

Damp Proof Membranes – Polyethylene or rubber damp proof membranes (DPM) can be installed under a concrete base. Most new builds require this preventative damp proofing method to protect foundations against rising damp in Horsham, Brighton, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Sussex, Surrey and Kent, in addition to properties in Fulham and South West London.


Damp Proofing Rods – A liquid-free technique which is highly-effective involves inserting damp proofing rods into the walls, which release a silicon solution into the cavities. This advanced technology eliminates spillage due to the lack of liquid and reduces the drying time.

Finishing Touches – Once the damp proofing treatments have been carried out, the affected areas can be restored and re-plastered back to their former glory.


Follow-Up Inspections – Our team will be happy to check the condition of your property in Horsham, Brighton, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Sussex, Surrey or Kent. We also visit sites based in Fulham and throughout South West London, ensuring there are no more signs of rising damp or other moisture-related problems, such as woodworm, dry rot or wet rot.

For professional advice and treatments to help prevent rising damp affecting your property in Burgess Hill and the surrounding South East areas, call 01444 243 763 or 07805 797 884.

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