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Woodworm in Burgess Hill, Brighton, Horsham and the South East

Our team of experts are skilled at carrying out an assessment for woodworm treatment at any domestic and commercial property in Brighton, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Sussex, Surrey and Kent. We also cater to clients in Fulham and the local South West London areas, in need of professional damp proofing services. At Pro Treatments Ltd, we specialise in maintaining the quality of wooden foundations and eradicating woodworm infestations.

Woodworm Pests

If your home or commercial property in Brighton, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Horsham and the surrounding areas of Sussex, Surrey and Kent is suffering from a woodworm infestation, we will arrange for a site visit to assess the problem as soon as possible. Venues in Fulham and the South West London areas which are susceptible to woodworm can also take advantage of our comprehensive assessments. There are many different species that fall into the woodworm category, which are highlighted:

  • Death Watch Beetle - Xestobium rufuvillosum
  • Furniture Beetle - Anobium punctatum
  • Longhorn Beetle - Hylotrupes bajulus
  • Powder Post Beetle - Lyctus brunneus
  • Wharf Borer - Narcerdes melanura
  • Weevil - Curculionoidea

Signs of Woodworm Infestations

Woodworm Treatment

It can be simple to detect the presence of woodworm by conducting frequent checks at your property in Brighton, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Home and business owners in Fulham and South West London should also be vigilant. If you notice multiple little holes appearing across the surface of any wooden flooring, beams, rafters or furniture, this is likely due to wood-boring insects.


Check any cracks or crevices which can harbour woodworm eggs that have been laid by the adult beetles. Once hatched, the woodworm larvae can bury into the timber structure over longer periods, eating away at the wood, thereby weakening it. To prevent this from happening, there are many fast-acting woodworm treatments which can be carried out during the early stages of infestation. Our team, who are qualified with Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments (CSRT) credentials, will suggest the ideal course of action.

Different Treatments

  • Water-based Woodworm Treatment – Once insecticides are dissolved in water, the woodworm treatment will be used to cover the holes and crevices in the wall or layered over the timber flooring. The water-based solution can also be applied to the affected surface with a low-pressure spray.
  • Fogging Woodworm Treatment – Fast-acting fogging systems can be safely activated below the floorboards to neutralise the woodworm infestation. Some methods allow for carpets and flooring to conveniently remain in place.
  • Fumigation Woodworm Treatment – This is a similar procedure to fogging, which is ideal for commercial clients in Fulham and South West London, as well as business owners in Brighton, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Horsham and the Sussex, Surrey and Kent counties. Our team will undertake an extensive fumigation to limit any disruption to your workforce.


  • Assess the property and identify the type of woodworm infestation
  • Investigate whether the problem is active, which is more likely if the timber is damp
  • Determine the amount of damage and repairs needed, including replacements for structural materials


We’ll also advise clients in Brighton, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Sussex, Surrey and Kent if there are any other signs of deterioration from rising damp, dry rot or wet rot. As Fulham is a major service area for our company, clients in South West London will also benefit from our expertise.

If you need our experts to eradicate pests with a woodworm treatment at your property in Burgess Hill, Brighton and the local South East areas, call 01444 243 763 or 07805 797 884.

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